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Our Network Features

Chat Art Now has many exciting and unique features to help you grow and develop your community, we have listed a few of these below for your convenience;

  • State of the Art, Peer to Peer, Permission Based Networking
    Our members connect with others who are relevent to their interests by accepting or declining contact requests, you will never receive any SPAM from our system only relevent like-minded connections.

  • Structured Trade Resource Centres
    We help the trade to engage with a wide section of the community though our social networking facilities, promote your offerings, share your knowledge and build long term relationships with potential clients.

  • Virtual Conference / Exhinition Centre
    We have a virtual conference / exhibition centre for holdoing an annual Trade exhibition for all of our members, this includes a fully interactive emersive exhibition hall, a keynote speaker theatre and a fully interactive delegates lounge. We can also provide this service for our members to hold their own branded exhibitions.

  • Integrated Classified Advertising
    Promote your business and offers throughout Chat Art Now using our fully integrated classified advertising system, easy to use, easy to manage and a great way of putting your business in front of a world of potential clients.


 £ 5,000.00
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 £ 5,000.00

 £ 5,000.00
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 £ 5,000.00

So What Can You Do

  • Create a full Personal profile
  • Be a part of the community
  • Promote your profile on the Network
  • connect with like-minded people
  • Use our 12 level advanced search systems
  • Communicate through our Live Chat system
  • Access our community resource centres
  • Connect through any device - pc/mobile/tablet
  • Download our support documents
  • Create & Join vertical groups
  • Access our investor group contact databases
  • Create Crowd funding campaigns or Donate
  • Create your own classified adverts & offers
  • Brand your groups / change the wallpaper
  • Create and view live wall posts & Comments
  • Share ideas and discussions live
  • Grow your community contacts
  • Create & Promote events
  • Create & sell event tickets
  • Upload videos & Promos
  • Link to existing videos & promos
  • Upload product images and photos
  • View other members photos & videos
  • Sponsor pages for added exposure
  • Generate trusted connections
  • Find suppliers & Partners
  • Integrate your Twitter feeds
  • See who has visited your profile
  • Edit your profile & privacy settings
  • Send & receive emails to connected members
  • Invite other People and save money
  • Accept or decline connection requests
  • Keep upto date with the latest News
  • Access our community conference centre
  • Come to exclusive on-line exhibitions
  • Rent our virtual exhibition centre
  • Run your own branded conference/exhibition
  • & much, much more
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